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Profitis Elias Church

A great experience.Profitis Elias church was built in 1984 on a rock situated on the hill in Protaras. Total 156 steps to climb up to the church, that offers stunning views of Protaras and its surroundings. There are trees of rememberance that sit close by – a local custom is to tie something to one of the branches in rememberance of a loved one. Is an Orthodox church and celebrates on 20th of July.The interior of the church is quite breathtaking and unique.

The walls and ceilings of Profitis Elias church are decorated with vivid biblical images. If you visit in the late evening you may experience a breathtaking sunset over Protaras. At night the church is lit up so that it is even more breathtaking in its beauty. It is worth visiting Profitis Elias church for a chance to experience the spiritual as well as historical side of Protaras.But be sure that you can do this, as the steps are too much……….

Profitis Elias Church Location