Vehicle Safety Tips

What customers should know & ask before renting a vehicle, which is very important for your safety.

1. Vehicle chain must be clean and oiled (not rusty)

2. Check brakes front & back

3. Check indicators are working, front & back

4. Check brake lights are working

5. Check main lights are working

6. Check tyre condition and tyre pressure (2 wheel vehicles 30psi / 2.1 bar) (Quad Bikes & Buggies 10psi / 0.7 bar)

7. All rental vehicles must have a red number plate, which indicates it is a rental vehicle

8. All vehicles over 2 years old must have an MOT certificate, Customers have the right to ask to see it.

9. Make sure to read the terms and conditions on the rental agreement, and ask for explanation if not sure about something before signing.

10. Check age of vehicle (vehicles above 99cc will show the month and year of first registration on the number plate)