We hope you enjoy your time with us in Cyprus and take the opportunity to explore the island. We have a modern and efficient road system that enables easy travel between all major towns and many places of interest. Before heading out onto the road please take the time to read the following important information:

In Cyprus we drive on the LEFT side of the road. Not the right one.

If you will be driving a motor vehicle during your stay, please note that a valid driving license is required. Keep in mind the following :

  • European citizens may drive using their country`s driving license.
  • Non European may drive using their country`s driving license for a maximum period of 30 days or a valid international driving licence.
  • Citizens from Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Australia, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, U.S.A, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and South Korea  may drive using their country`s driving license for a maximum period of 6 months. Upon the completion of the 6 month period they are required to apply for a Cypriot driving licence without taking a driving test.
  • Citizens from counties that do not fall in any of the categories mentioned above are required to acquire a Cypriot driving licence by following the appropriate procedure i.e. taking a driving test ( theory and practice )

Driving a motorcycle: If you are going to drive a motorcycle or moped you must have the following in mind :

  • The law states that both the driver and passenger must wear a helmet
  • A passenger can be carried on suitable motorcycles/mopeds provided that he/she is over 12 years old and seats astride  the seat
  • The headlight must be switched on during the daytime also


  • Vehicles move in the left lane
  • Use of the right lane is only allowed when

over-taking another vehicle

The left lane is not free

Giving priority to a vehicle entering the highway