Registered Company: A.G.A.K. Easy Riders Ltd
Registered Address: Yianni Ritsou Str, Malanda court 1
Company Reg No. E68443


1. Collision damage waiver clause covers only the rented vehicle
2. All vehicles are properly insured according to the requirements of the law in Cyprus
3. The hirer will only drive the vehicle if he has the qualifications required by the laws and regulations of the republic.
4. The Hirer will drive the vehicle carefully abiding the traffic laws and regulations of the republic
5. The Hirer will always keep the vehicle in his own possession and custody and shall not allow any other persons to drive the vehicle except with the owners’ prior written consent.
6. The Hirer will return the vehicle in the same good condition as he received it, excluding any natural wear and tear.
7. The Hirer in case of an accident and / or a collision or otherwise will not repair and / or give instructions for the repair of the vehicle or the changing of any parts of it without the owners written consent.
8. Money is not Refundable
9. The Hirer will be obliged to compensate the owner in a case the rent vehicle will be stolen or disappeared.
10. In case of an accident and / or collision and / or for any other cause damage is caused to the hirer and / or his family or guests and / or servants or employees in the form of personal injury and / or peculiarly the owner will bear no responsibility in negligence and / or otherwise the hirer undertaking all responsibility thereof.
11. If due to an accident or a collision or a breakdown or otherwise, damage or personal injury and / or any damage whatsoever is caused to any person and / or vehicle and / or property the owner will bear no responsibility except as far as covered by his insurance, The hirer undertaking all other responsibility thereof.
12. In case the renter does not lock the vehicle, the owner has the right to take the vehicle with no obligation to the customer.


13. If due to the condition of the vehicle or any malfunctioning of the vehicle the hirer and / or his family and / or his guests or servants or employees suffer any personal injury and / or other damage the owner will bear no responsibility the hirer undertaking all responsibilities thereof.
14. Every hour in excess is calculated at ¼ of the day price.
15. All vehicles must stay within the Famagusta district of the Republic of Cyprus
16. The helmets are given free of charge but in case of loss or damage the hirer will be charged.

Cancelation Policy

There is no Cancellation fee if the reservation is cancelled 8 or more days before Vehicle Collection.
There is a 20% Cancellation fee 7 Days Before Vehicle Collection
There is a 100% Cancellation fee 3 days or earlier before Vehicle Collection