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We meet at Havana Base at 6PM , after making sure that every ticket holder is at the meeting point, they exchange their tickets to get a wristband which gives you access to all the venues planned for the night , immediately after that we proceed to the next step,

The red carpet photo shoot is set, where you can pose with your mates and get photographed by professionals and you have the option to purchase your photo on a key-ring, or simply view it on facebook.
Knowing that guests on the Kandi Beach Party come from different backgrounds we try to satisfy every taste with an international menu with a twist, , it starts with a Mediterranean salad , followed by BBQ chicken, Italian rice & vegetables, jacket potatoes etc, we also prepare vegetarian meals upon request when purchasing your ticket,

Right after ensuring everyone has had their meal, we tend to play few drinking games in Havana, winners always go home with valuables prizes such as champagne bottles, free event entrances, water park tickets etc. as soon as we are done from food and games, we take a huge group photo then we board the buses which takes us straight to the beautiful Macronissos Beach, the party starts immediately and it last around 3 and a half hours, Kandi beach party is absolutely the only beach party in Ayia Napa which is actually held on the beach, being on the sand is of a non-equivalent fun when the party is banging, during this time we hold an open bar policy with no restrictions, drinks include vodka, tequila, gin, brandy, whiskey, sambuka, lagers, etc, anyone can choose whatever they wish to drink and nothing comes at an extra cost,

we also provide a world class entertainment, guaranteed by an array of UK and European acts just to name a few artists that have already been on our previous parties : Cameo, Trilla, Tempa T, Bushkin, Masterace, Kaos, Ibz, Scottie B, Crazy Couzins, Charlie Sloth, Oxide & Neutrino, Funky Dee, Mr M, Dubplate Wonder, Troopa, Mystery, Pristine, Razor, Volatile, Napsta, Gracious K, Slick Don, Mr Play, Marcus Nasty, etc. On top of the phenomenal Music policy that is played on the beach which include many genres such as: RnB, HipHop, Uk Funky, Garage, Dubstep, Bashment, Drum n Bass, etc, a variety of games and competitions are played , and many prizes and free giveaways are offered, in simple words nothing comes close to the level of the Kandi Beach Party.

As long as you still have your wristband, the fun is not over yet , as a matter of fact it barely started, right after the buses bring us back to ayia napa, our guests have the choice whether to relax for a bit or to continue straight to the square where you are offered special deals on drinks in a variety of bars such as: Bazaar, Napa Dreams, Havana etc , either way the wristband ensures a spot to the rest of the planned events of the night.

On the contrary to other party providers which offer a free entrance to a club , we carefully choose the hottest event in town and we guarantee you a VIP pass with no queue waiting or entrance fee, so at 1:30 am when the clubs open, Our staff will be waiting at the pre-selected club to exchange your wristband with a VIP pass and guide through the crowd, the previous club events last year have been offered have had a high international standard such as: Luck n Neat, Dj EZ, Tim Westwood, Serani, Boy Better Know, Hotsteppa, etc.

As mentioned earlier, As long as you still have your wristband, the fun is not over yet, after the club event is over around 4:30 am, along with your VIP pass you can head to an after party club of your choice, the 2 major ones in ayia napa are, river reggae which is an open air place with an artificial river that mimics a Caribbean chill out space and the second one is insomnia a club that usually offers the after parties from major events in town , so by showing your VIP pass given to you earlier you are guaranteed a free entrance to any of those raves that end around 7 in the morning .

If you have any questions or requirements please do not hesitate to contact us , as we are pleased to inform you about our package or any other Ayia Napa related matter, from the Kandi Beach Party family we genuinely wish you a happy and comfortable stay in our beautiful town.